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Matreya, LLC is now a part of Cayman Chemical Company to better serve the lipid community

ANN ARBOR, MI, JUNE 03, 2019—Cayman Chemical, an industry-leading supplier of bioactive lipids, analytical standards, and contract lipidomic services, announced today that it has acquired Matreya, LLC, a lipid biochemical company located in State College, Pennsylvania, with strengths in synthesis, extraction, and purification of natural products. Matreya stocks a wide selection of high-purity sphingolipids, phospholipids, fatty acids and esters, and sterols to be used as research standards in biotechnology and pharmaceutical pursuits. They also offer antibodies to glycosphingolipids and inhibitors of enzymes involved in glycosphingolipid metabolism. “The addition of these products to the Cayman catalog provides valuable tools necessary to study the structure of cell membranes, growth regulators in cellular metabolism, and intracellular mediators,” said Dr. Kirk Maxey, President at Cayman Chemical. “We are pleased to continue to make these resources widely available to life science researchers.”

Following the transaction, Matreya will operate under their brand, continuing to offer high-quality products from their catalog, while maintaining the dedicated technical support, problem-solving know-how, and close working relationships that their customers have grown to rely upon. "Matreya is very excited to be part of a premier company like Cayman Chemical. This merger will allow Matreya products to be more visible and create new opportunities for global research in the area of lipid chemistry. The excellent product purity and prompt delivery we have offered for years will not change," said Gary Walker, Vice President of Manufacturing and General Manager of Matreya. Stephen Barrett, Vice President of Chemistry at Cayman Chemical, further remarked that “the synergies accomplished through the joining of our talented and energetic research teams will greatly expand Cayman's lipids portfolio and accelerate the development of novel, high-value research tools and analytical standards. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive lipid catalog to help make research possible.”