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J. K. Jain Managing Director – J. K. Jain with more than 30 years of rich and diverse techno commercial experience had promoted Pro Lab in 2003. After graduating as a Chemical Engineer from Punjab University in 1972, he initially worked in the Punjab State Industrial Development Corporation. Subsequently he has been managing a chemicals manufacturing company and later in 1988 he became CEO of a Two Billion (INR) turnover company. His last professional job was as Advisor (Marketing & Sales) of a Six Billion (INR) turnover company. After gaining the above stated rich experience, he decided to setup his own marketing enterprise and selected the field of Life Sciences-which is the brightest field in the fast developing Indian economy. Thus Pro Lab Marketing was established in the year 2003. While marketing the products for so many years related to the field of Life Science Research, J. K. Jain and his team of Pro Lab executives have established excellent personal contacts in various Private and Public sector institutions/ laboratories / organizations. This has been possible because J. K. Jain is gifted with excellent interpersonal skills and rich techno commercial experience.

Dr. Navin BansalAdvisor - Dr. Navin Bansal - B.Sc (Hons), LL.B, F.C.A., Ph.D. - is an eminent Chartered Accountant with over two decades’ experience in financial management for top Private and Public sector companies in India.