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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Does your company offer free samples before ordering?

Ans: We are distributors of foreign companies. We can provide free samples only if the principal company approves / supplies the same. We of our own cannot supply free samples. You may order us minimum pack size products for trial and we assure you our products are of top most quality.

Q2.  How should we place order to Pro Lab?

Ans. For placing your order, you have to send the total net price of the quotation to us either through demand draft/cheque payable to Pro Lab Marketing Pvt. Ltd, Payable at New Delhi or you may deposit the amount in our ICICI Bank account.

Along with the above payment confirmation, you are to send us your PO on your departmental/institution/organization overhead.

After receiving the above, we shall process your order and supply within quoted delivery period.

Q3. Do you supply products for human consumption?

Ans: No we supply only R & D products for Lab Research (Test and Analysis)