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RNA Purification Kits and RNA Isolation Kits

RNA extraction is the purification/Isolation of RNA from biological samples. This procedure is complicated by the universal vicinity of ribonucleic enzymes in tissues and cells, which can rapidly degrade RNA. Several technologies are utilized within molecular science to isolate RNA from samples; the most well-known of these is Guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction.

RNA Purification Kit

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RNA Clean & Concentration

RNA from Gel

RNA kit

RNA Purification Kits


RNA Purification overview

Isolation and taking care of RNA has generally been thought to be more troublesome than DNA because of the vicinity of universal and stable RNases.  However, this issue could be helped if the right tools are utilized.  Purification of high caliber, whole RNA from biological samples or in vitro responses is critical to the achievement of all downstream applications.  To achieve reproducible, trustworthy results from quantitative RT-PCR, microarrays, Northern blots and cDNA library prep for Next-Generation sequencing, it is important to utilize the best RNA purification techniques available.

RNA Isolation KitWith the rigors of RNA exploration, Our principle the scientists at Zymo Research have improved special products that viably stabilize and preserve RNA in samples  prior to purification, and also a far reaching portfolio of kits for the purification of high caliber, without inhibitor RNA from basically any sample source. All Purification mothods characteristic innovative Zymo-Spin™ columns to guarantee low-volume elution of ultra-unadulterated Rna that is free of salts and inhibitors. For most sample sources, Pro Lab Marketing offers in India both natural  (TRI Reagent/trizol) and non-natural based methods, permitting the researcher to select the Purification technique they prefer.  While most kits are designed for the Isolation of total RNA, they are additionally productive at recovering small RNAs (≥17 nucleotides). Some kits also feature unique protocols for the particular improvement of either small RNA (<200 nucleotides), large RNA (>200 nucleotides), or both Rnas separately in diverse divisions, at the carefulness of the user.

RNA Isolation Overview

Depending on the sample type and downstream application, Pro Lab Marketing provides a variety of kits for the isolation of high-quality, DNA-free RNA.  Whether it’s total RNA including large RNA (>200 nucleotides), small RNA (<200 nucleotides), or RNA and DNA from the same sample, there is a technology specifically designed for the application.   Researchers can isolate RNA from a wide variety of sample types including fresh/frozen tissues and cells, FFPE tissues, whole blood, yeast, bacteria, plant tissue, plasma, serum, urine, and more. 


RNA Clean & Concentration

Purification of RNA from diverse sorts of cells and tissues has been difficult in the past, however high quality RNA is necessary for the success of downstream applications, for example microarrays, RNA Transfection, Northern blotting, denaturing-gel electrophoresis and RT-PCR. Zymo Research Corporation has utilized their state of the art 'Fast-Spin' column method to produce the RNA Clean & Concentrator Kit. This kit recovers a highly focused RNA, while even now ensuring the structural integrity of the product.

RNA from Gel

The Zymoclean™ Gel RNA Recovery Kit provides a fast and proficient purification technique for recovery of RNA fragments from agarose gels. The procedure combines a unique, single-step agarose dissolving/RNA binding buffer with Fast-Spin column technology to yield high quality, purified RNA in just minutes. The RNA Purified is eluted into small volumes of RNase-free water for highly concentrated samples suitable for subsequent RNA based manipulations. Perfect with MOPS, TAE, and TBE buffered agarose gels (formaldehyde up to 2.0%).

RNA Purification Kit

The nucleic acids are washed then eluted with DNase/RNase-free Water. The eluted RNA is suitable for use in various subsequent procedures including RT/PCR.

The ZR Viral RNA Kit™ provide for rapid, single column isolation of high quality viral nucleic acids from an extensive variety of biotic sources. The RNA Purification and Isolation Kit could be utilized to successfully isolate viral RNA from cell-free body fluids as well as cellular suspensions at focuses ≤ 1 x 105 cells. The procedure employs a single buffer system that facilitates viral molecule lysis and allow for the subsequent RNA biding onto the matrix of the Zymo-Spin™ IC Column. The nucleic acids are washed then eluted with DNase/RNase-free Water. The eluted RNA is suitable for utilization in different procedures including RT/PCR.

The RNA Purification Kit and RNA Isolation Kit are supplied in India through Pro Lab. For inquiries & orders regarding RNA Purification Kit and RNA Isolation Kit, please contact us at

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