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Our Principals

Our Principals

Humanzyme, Inc.

Research Diets Inc.

Bi Make

Tonk Bioscience LLC

U-CyTech Biosciences

ProteinTech Group Inc.

Alpco Diagnostics

Genscript Inc.

Fabgennix International Inc.

Cosmo Bio Co. Ltd.

Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.

TopoGEN, Inc.

United States Biological

Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Akina Inc. (PolySciTech)

MyBioSource Inc.


  • Cosmo Bio Co. (Japan) to a customer

    "Find our excellent Indian distributor's contact information. They will be happy to process your inquiry to meet your needs."

  • Cayman Chemical (USA) to us

    "This is wonderful news! We are very pleased and excited that you have dedicated your time and efforts toward promoting Cayman products and have achieved such success. I will happily share this information with my colleagues and discuss any possible reward we can offer."

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