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Our Principals

Our Principals

Genscript Inc.

Biovision Inc.

Alpco Diagnostics

Advanced Bioreagent Systems

Avanti Polar Lipids Inc.

ScreenFect GmbH

Signalway Antibodies LLC

Bi Make

Indigo Biosciences

Alkor Bio Ltd.

Cloud-Clone Corp.

Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.

Bioworld Technology Inc.

Polysciences Inc.

Innovative Research Inc.

Bioassay Systems


  • Biovision (USA) to a customer

    "We have a distributor in your area that can assist you with your ordering needs. They provide excellent service, support and delivery time."

  • Toronto Research Chemicals (Canada) to us

    “For 30 years, Toronto Research Chemicals has not relied on the use of distributors, because of our strong product line, production capabilities and quality of product. Pro Lab is one of a select few companies we have approached in India to represent us, because of your strengths in marketing and sales”

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